10 Small Man Cave Ideas – Ideal For You

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Like most men, you probably find yourself looking for simple ways to de-stress and unwind. Fortunately for us, this has led to the evolution of the small man cave ideas where we can have our personal hideaway away from our friends or family.

A man cave is a male hang-out space where guys can do whatever they want without being judged.  It’s typically a garage, basement, office, den, or even the attic. But whatever room is chosen for this most important manly sanctuaries must be equipped with proper lighting and comfortable seating.

Whether you want to hang out with friends or just watch TV in private, it’s important to have an area where you can relax and enjoy yourself. 

10 Small Man Cave Ideas 

Here are some great small man cave ideas to help you with your project.

1) Under the Stairs Man Cave

If you have a room under your stairs, consider converting it into a man cave. The space below the stairs is often used for storage, and the space may be awkward to fit much furniture in. But if you pull out all of the boxes and shelves from below the steps, this can make a perfect man cave. 

It is generally easy to sweep out and clean under the steps, and it is a private spot that you won’t have to share with anyone else. It’s also easy to keep organized and keep everything in its proper place without clutter piling up everywhere like other parts of your home.

2) Under the Porch Man Cave

If you live in a climate where you still need to use your porch during the winter months, try converting that into a man cave. You can simply remove the screens and turn this into an enclosed space with direct access to the outdoors. 

That way, you don’t lose any functionality even though you’re cutting out all of the cold air. If it’s nice outside, you can just step outside and enjoy nature. If it’s cold, you can just go back inside to a nice warm man cave that has a television and a comfortable couch or bed to rest on.

3) The Garage Man Cave

If you have your garage set up with workbenches and tools, consider having the space next to one of the stalls set up as a man cave. These small man cave ideas will allow you to store your tools and other items in the garage while still giving you a place to relax and get away from the daily routine of work.  

4) The Basement Man Cave

If you have an unfinished basement that’s just used for storage, consider getting rid of the clutter and setting up a man cave there. You’ll still need to clean out the space, but once you get rid of all of the boxes and old furniture down there, your man cave will be open for business.

5) The Staircase Man Cave

If you have a staircase that leads down into the basement or somewhere else, consider cutting off a portion of the stairs and setting up a small bar down there. This way, you’ll have to walk downstairs anyway whenever you want to make a drink or go outside for a cigarette. And even though it’s been cut off from the rest of those steps, it won’t be as difficult as going through the whole basement to get there.

6) The Tree House Man Cave

You may not have a man cave if you live in an apartment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still put one somewhere else. If the outside of your apartment building is enclosed so tightly by trees and other foliage, consider setting up a small tree house where you can relax and watch the world go by. This is a great way to get some fresh air outside without dealing with crowds, long lines, and all of the other annoyances that come from going out in public.

7) A “Man Cave” That’s Actually a Closet

If you want to set up a man cave but have no space in the house to do this, consider setting up a “man cave” closet. This way, all of your items will be put away neatly, and it’ll be extremely easy to clean up. Plus, with nothing else around it except for your clothes, everything will feel more private than if you were surrounded by other things, like the walls of another room.

8) A “Man Cave” That’s Just Part of Another Room

If you want to set up your man cave in a certain part of your home, but you don’t think that taking over an entire room will work out, consider setting up part of that room as your man cave. 

For example, if you have an office and a living room next to each other and want to turn the office into your man cave, consider only taking over half of it. Then, put a divider in there to retain some level of privacy when using this segment of the room. 

That way, even though everyone else in the room will know that this is your man cave, at least you’ll be able to feel like it’s a true man cave. And if you want to use the rest of that space for something else later on, simply remove the divider, and no one will ever know what happened!

9) The Hallway Man Cave

When thinking of small man cave ideas, you should never discount the value of a hallway. This is because it’s common for hallways to go unused in many homes, so by turning this small space into your man cave, you’ll double the functionality in your home without wasting any money or giving up any living space. Plus, since halls are usually narrow spaces that are brightly lit, it won’t be difficult to feel like you’re in a man cave no matter where the entrance is located.

10)  The Small Side Room Man Cave

Even if you have a small home, you can probably find at least one room that’s smaller than all of the others. This might be a sewing room, an art studio, or even something else. But no matter what this room is originally intended for, it can easily be converted into your man cave once you get rid of all of that clutter and add in some furniture. 

Then, since this man cave is smaller than the rest, you’ll be able to relax even more in it without feeling intimidated by all of the empty space.

To Sum Up

So, in the end, if you’re looking for small man cave ideas that don’t require a very large space, consider setting up your man cave in one of these eleven locations.  Smaller spaces are great for man caves, as you’ll feel more relaxed and at peace when there is less space around. 

And if you’re worried that a small area won’t be enough to fit all of your furniture, remember that smaller rooms typically have doors and hallways that can also double as a man cave location. Just make sure to use curtains or other dividers to prevent this space from becoming part of the rest of the house.