Man Cave Signs: The Perfect Gift for any Man

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A man cave is any space that a man creates to fulfill his needs and wants. It could include everything from an entire basement or attic, to a small nook in the garage. The spaces will vary by size and decor; however, individualizing them with man cave signs is an easy way to make them more appealing to their male owners.

The main reason for having your man cave is the solitude it offers the occupant. Its secondary purpose is to serve as a personal den or entertainment area where you can watch TV, play pool, or whatever else you like to do when you want some time alone.

The rules for man cave decor are simple: they can be anything as long as it’s male-oriented and not too flowery. There must be no trace of anything remotely feminine such as pink, hearts, lace, flowers, or any other designs with a hint of romance in them. Keep this room a man cave, not a love shack.

Great Customized Man Cave Signs

While it may seem that man caves are all about beer, sports, and gadgets, there is more to them than that. A great way to personalize your space is by purchasing man cave signs on which you can engrave personalized messages or phrases. This makes the room feel like it belongs to you and no one else while adding a personal touch of your own.

Here are a few tips on what you should engrave onto your man cave signs, depending on the purpose of the room.

Man Cave Rules

If you want to make your man cave an exclusive place where no one else is allowed, it’s a good idea to have some rules listed. “No Girlfriends,” “Reserved for the boys,” or anything similar will let anyone who enters know that they are not welcome in this room.

Heart-Shaped Man Cave Signs

A lot of men want to avoid anything that’s too manly in their man cave because they don’t want anyone to think that they’re a jerk or womanizing. This is why it’s a good idea to have some slightly more sensitive signs such as “You break my heart, I break your legs,” and other sweet messages covered in hearts. These will give the impression that there’s a loving and caring side to you.

Lounge or Love Shack

If your man cave is more of a lounge, then it’s a good idea to add some pictures of women such as models, movie stars, and pin-up lady sports players on the walls. Also, place some magazines with similar content on the tables. These will make you feel like there are beautiful women around every corner to admire, not to mention that they’ll be right at home with your traditional man cave accouterments. 

However, only having pictures of famous women may give off the impression that you love yourself more than others; placing some family photos and images of you and your girl together will keep the concept of love alive.

Mega Sports Man Cave Signs

If you’re a huge sports fan and want to add some man cave signsthat will show your love for the game, there are plenty of options. In addition to having a scoreboard or two in the room, you can have a sign hanging from the ceiling with final scores of recent games or schedules of upcoming events. You can also have a sign that shows the statistical averages of your favorite players of all time.

Super Bowl Man Cave Signs

No matter when it’s played, every man cave should have a sign showing the date and time of the next Super Bowl. If you’re more into college football, then add one that shows the date and time of the next big game. This will make you feel like the excitement is just around the corner every day without fail.

Man Cave Reminders

As with any room in your house, it’s a good idea to have signed with helpful reminders on them. For instance, you can have one that says “Change your oil” or “Turn off the stove” to make sure that you don’t forget the most basic of tasks. You can also have one that says “please close door” if your man cave has an open concept to it so that guests are aware of their surroundings without having to be told every single time.

Bedroom or Man Cave Signs

If your man cave is attached to your bedroom, you can have a sign that says “My man cave” or something similar to give it more of an official feel. Remember that when you’re trying to create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation, there are no rules when it comes to how creative you can get with the decor.

Do It Yourself Signs

If you’re not a fan of traditional man cave signsand want to take it upon yourself to design a more functional one, nothing is stopping you. For example, you can have a reminder sign that says “Play music for me.” This will keep your guests on their toes so that your man cave will always be a fun place to hang out in.

“My Man Cave” Painted Signs

There are plenty of do-it-yourself signs you can have in the room, but if you want to make it an official place, then having painted signs is a must. You can either have them painted by a professional sign painter or use stencils to create the same effect. Either way, you’ll be able to enjoy it for years and decades to come to make sure that your man cave never has a dull moment in it.

The Perfect Man Cave Decorating Style

When you’re decorating your man cave, don’t be afraid to take risks. After all, the more you invest in it, the better off you’ll be down the road. Just follow these don’ts for making sure that your decorating style is on point.

Don’t…” Man Cave Signs

Forget to have some signs showing directions out of the man cave if there’s an exit to the outside in there. You don’t want guests wondering where they’re going and possibly getting lost trying to find their way out.

Throw in a few organizational tools like calendars with important dates, cork boards for your favorite photos, and waste bins for convenience sake.

Custom Man Cave Signs

Finally, if you want to take your man cave sign game to the next level, it’s a good idea to have personalized signs. You can engrave messages such as “This is my special room because…” or “My friends are important to me so…The best part about having custom man cave signs is that you’ll be able to personalize them however you want. It’s all up to your imagination as well as how much time and money you’re willing to invest in this project.

Featured image source: Pexels